An Introduction to me

My name is Josh Griffiths, I am a junior racing cyclist based in Bristol. I race for Bristol’s oldest cycling club, Bristol South down here in the South West and have done so since I was 12 back in 2012.

I love all aspects of the sport be it Sportive’s, Track sessions, Criterium racing, off road in MTB events and I even did a cross event last year cross event in last year on my training bike for good measure.

At this stage a majority of my racing has been against the clock and it’s here that I have been getting my best results.
I love mixing it with the ‘Seniors’ at races, but also enjoy the club scene particularly ‘my’ club who have played such a big part in my development, right from the early days when they looked out for me on Sunday runs, and are hugely encouraging during the race season.

This encouragement continues today even though I now turn in better times than several of my mentors. I am not sure it’s right to say they enjoy that part but I do think they enjoy the fact that they were instrumental in getting me to where I am now as a sportsman and as an individual which is of course testament to the grass roots of my sport

I am one of those people who analyses what I am doing, whether it be position, setup or aerodynamics but the last 15 months in particular I have taken control of my Nutrition which has seen my weight drop from 95kilo’s over the past 2 seasons to my current race weight of 74kilos whilst being a good 3 inches taller.

I have listed below my PB’s set last season when I was 16. It was a season of 2 half’s with significant increase in power from the end of July:-

21:10 for 10miles – Ross on Wye 6/7/16
51:06 for 25miles – Port Talbot Wheelers (11/9/2016)
1:56:24 for 50miles – Cardiff 100mile RC (7/8/16)
4:04:29 for 100miles – Welsh CA (4/9/16)

My aim for this year is to improve as many of my times as possible, whilst riding as many of the other disciplines whilst not negatively impacting my studies. I think a sub 50 minute 25 time is possible but whether it’s this current season remains to be seen. I compete in Road Racing, Time Trials and the occasional CX race.  My aims in cycling are to get onto one of the British Domestic Squads and hopefully ride in the World Tour.



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