Why always me?

That is the question I am asking myself on this Sunday morning. I’m sitting here reflecting on the past three weeks of racing which has resulted in over £1500 of damaged carbon, 1 trip to hospital and 2 get downs at 30mph.

First event which started this bad run of luck was the Junior Tour Of The Mendips. Which was an event that had been targeting since the Bristol South CC HC in October of last year. The race is a two day stage race with a TT (prologue) on the Saturday morning around half of Chew Valley Lake (my local TT course). I went into it with a feeling of unknown due to this event being filled with the best Juniors in the country and I’m just a lowly 4th cat. The Prologue I ended up getting 50th but was only 30s off the overall lead so I was looking forward to the ‘Sprinters’ stage in the afternoon. Photo Credit to my Coach Jason Streather of PDQ Cycle Coaching. http://pdqcyclecoaching.co.uk/home/458744421517757363_10158695370415107_169658795695245791_n

The Road Stage which was a rolling course on the top of the Mendips didn’t go to plan as around 30 miles in I got taken out in a crash at the time we were going 30mph and riders went down in front of me it was simply unavoidable. Putting me out of the tour. Luckily I wasn’t broken just lost skin but the bike was another story.


So I decided to reassess and begin to target The Castle Combe Easter Classic 4th Cat race on Good Friday. But on the Wednesday evening I got food poisoning from some dodgy chicken and what followed doesn’t need to elaborated on further. This ‘illness’ was still with me on the Friday morning so despite feeling weak I still decided to race and use it as experience. So as the first race after the Junior Mendips last weekend where I crashed I was nervy I was on my spare bike (more news on this later). So I decided to attack early on so early it was the first lap.


This turned out to not be successful but later on in the race I broke again with another rider we got a good gap but due to Junior Gearing I was unable to give good enough turns on the tailwind downhill sections and it didn’t work.

So it came down to a bunch sprint I was weak and nervy and surprise surprise there was a crash just infront of me but due to being on edge I managed to get it stopped and didnt crash. But this made me lose all momentum and caused me to be well outside of the points.


So yesterday was Sulis Scorpions 1/2/3/4 Junior Race at Odd Down. I felt good fully recovered from the illness. But this didn’t go the way I wanted as on the 2nd Lap I and another rider tried to get across to a breakaway up the road so we went on the attack. But as we came up the right hand side an out of control rider came from the left hand side of the track and took me clean out sending me flying doing a forward somersault landing on my head and neck around 5 metres away from my bike which ultimately took out the rider coming with me. To say that I was fuming is an understatement as I was rolling around on the floor. But credit where credits due is to the paramedics which managed to treat me thoroughly and calm me a very angry Josh down.

So now the bike which was built up as a spare after the crash in the Junior Tour Of The Mendips its a Ribble Sportive Racing which my Dad had and then gave to me in 2014. It has now come to the end of its life as it cracked during the crash.


So that’s been my past month of racing which I feel is summed up by ‘Why Always Me’

But at the end of the day in the words of Mark Cavendish ‘That’s bike racing at the end of the day I’ve crashed before and I’ll crash again.’




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