The Return Of The Classic League

Yesterday evening marked the return of The Classic League which is a Time Trialling series hosted by Bristol South CC the best cycling club in the South if not the World. These TT’s are a true grassroots way into cycling. This was my first introduction to competitive cycling back in 2013 in which I did a lap of Chew Valley Lake (8.3 miles) in 26.36 and came 16th out of 18 riders. This gave me the bug for TTing which last year led to me breaking 6 long standing club records. This love for TTing was rekindled last night as I did the lap in 19:09 which surprisingly got me 1st Place!.

Link to results –

This surprised me due to the fact I have been barely able to ride my bike let alone put in any efforts. This lack of training was obvious I felt weak around 1/2 way in and it took forever to reel in Dan Kempe (legend!) and once I did. Getting past him took forever and was only able to stay in front for around a minute, you can thank me for the tow later or exchange it for a lift Sunday?.tt

I would just like to say a big Thank You to everyone which has given me support recently due to the rough patch (which I feel Im through) it has been truly humbling.



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