Welsh 25 mile Champs 2017

This weekend saw the return of the Welsh 25 TT champs. Taking place on the r25/3h course which is FAST. This is down to the start being at the top of a hill and it being less than a mile before what is described as ‘the ski slope’ a dual carriageway descent. This causes sketchy moments at 45+mph on the extensions.WCA

This is the first time that I have ventured over to deepest and darkest Wales this year. Due to the fact that it is still only early season.

So my race, I was in the Overflow event due to this hosting the Junior championship which started at 9am. I was number 75 so my start was at 10:15. So I arrived at the HQ picked up my number and headed out to a layby to be closer to the start. It was then when I was preparing the bike that I noticed the wind. It was really strong. This meant that the outward leg even with the bank would be very very fast. So I headed out to warm up and eventually got to the start. Heading out of the start into the wind was a sign of things to come as I was having to push just to stay 25mph+. Onto the DC I instantly knew this was going to be fast the speed quickly picked up and before I knew it I was in the 53×11 spinning out at 46 mph (if only I had put the 55T back on). This high speed continue I got to 10 miles at 17minutes, 12.5 at 23 minutes but it was this point I realised the return leg was going to hurt as I was really starting to suffer. This ‘feeling’ was explained to me by Andy Legge at the HQ after putting it down to having to rely on base fitness. Due to my lack of riding recently due to the injury problems.

The turn is at 15 miles and I just felt terrible, sick and for some reason I got heartburn WTF????. I knew that this would just be a slog into the wind and regardless of the time I was just glad to be racing my bike. So I was just ticking off roundabouts as I went whilst also watching the avg speed tumble from 32 to 28. Finally I finished in a time of 53:33 not even considering the Junior Title due to the quality of Junior there is nowadays. As I returned to the HQ Andy said that I was tied in 1st place initially I told him to F off as I just didn’t believe that after 25miles it could be a dead heat with Joe Rees (Cardiff Ajax). But this was the case so in an historic day the first joint winners of the title and the first time that the title had been retained as I have won it previously.WCA.jpg 2

So Overall a great result from a weekend that I was tempted to right off. A trip to Wales that was well worth it!!!!